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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

late tuesday T-isms

what road is Dave's favorite 8 lane highway?

what road is Dave's least favorite to be on anytime on friday after 1pm?

which superbowl is hopefully going to become Dave's favorite?

so i watched a tv movie last night... not a DVD

I heard a commercial on the radio for a made for tv movie about flight 93 on 9/11, yes the one the passengers fought back on and it ended up crashing in somerset, PA.

I have to admit, even though i knew what the outcome was, it was presented well enough to be suspenseful and keep my attention.

it also renewed all the feelings of anger and hate and fear i felt at the time it actually happened.

i can't imagine having known anyone on any of those flights, but especially on that one. it seems that was a lot more time for them to find out what was going on and make goodbye phone calls to family members... ouch.

it's times like these i kind of wish there were real vigilantes that would take matters into their own hands and make those reponsible pay. i know that some will say our armed forces are doing their best, and i fully support our troops and doing their duty. but, i just feel that there is so much backstage politics that what really needs to get done is not going to be accomplished.

that being said... i'll lighten the mood with my typical non-pc dave humor and say my plan would be to pull all US citizens out of the middle east and make that fucker a giant glass lens with a couple of nukes! then in 10,000 years we can have a giant parking lot. i'm not really sorry if it offends you, but i feel that there will never be peace in the middle east, unless something drastic like that settles it all.

Monday, January 30, 2006


guess who????

Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm not one of you Pod people!

but i did finally setup my RCA lyra mp3 player that i got for christmas. but since i only have 256mb of memory and its setup for keeping me motivated at the gym, it's not so random...

Have a drink on me- AC/DC
Back in black- AC/DC
fade to black-metallica
hells bells-AC/DC
money talks-Ac/DC
can't stop rock n roll- AC/DC
holier than thou-metallica
sweet child of mine-GnR
you shook me all night long-AC/Dc

bonus- ride the lightning-metallica

funny thing is there is more metallica on here than ac/dc. i guess thompson just shows favoritism.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thursday T-ism?

whats that you say? its thursday.
Dave i thought you were only going to do T-isms on tuesday?

well. i was. but its my blog. and i'll do whatever the frick i want to with it. and i feel like a T-ism today. so there....


start witha simple one.

What does Dave say when he finishes telling a story?

What does Dave eat at mexican restaurants?

What is Dave's favorite way to communicate with those far away?


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Lego me?

I am a ROCK God part deux

I am a ROCK God!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Weekly leg blog.

ok figure out who this is with no clues.

follow the leader

create your own personalized map of the USA

inspired by kate here are the states i've visited. AND..... i've never been in a plane... so there...

Tuesday T-ism!!!!

I dunno if i like either of these, so you get a double shot of T-isms today...

What does Dave call his car?

What does Dave get from sleeping with loose women?

Monday, January 23, 2006

apparently im an idiot.

yea when i was trying to figure out how to remove jay's answers for my contest i apparently turned on moderate all comments. so it wouldnt publish anything till i approved them.

sorry ya'll. its back to the old way.

and im wearing a t-shirt that says "i'm with stupid" and has an arrow pointing straight up at my face

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats all ihave to say about yesterday!

hey are you readyyyyyyyyyyyyy? PITTSBURGH'S GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here we go steelers here we go!

ok. so you are like where the hell did this come from. what a bandwagon jumper. well i've had the terrible towel hanging above my desk here at work since early november. and since i grew up south of pitts. i have ALWAYS been a stillas fan.

i'm usually not so vocal about it simply because its a topic like religion and politics for me... i tend to have VERY heated arguments about it.

i watch the games at home most times on my little tv so that if/when i get pissed and throw stuff at the tv i dont destroy my bigscreen. i am sure my neighbors think im nuts because i tend to get very vocal while watching the games.

i SOOOOOOOO want to go to the superbowl. but none of my steeler fan friends want to shell out 2 grand for a ticket... this is where a gf would come in handy. i'd pay to take her just to have someone to go with.

and no i wont pay for any of you unless you plan on putting out for a month after the game. err wait. no. forget it jay holz and chris nothing is worth that.

anyways the next 2 weeks i'll be on cloud 9.

have a nice day!

Friday, January 20, 2006

this is the part i hate...

so i finally get to training on the part of my new job that means the most. its basically learning how to use a computer program to analyze stuff. but there are all kinds of functions and procedures to follow. and being that i have never used any software like this before im getting frustrated. i hate the learning process. i sooooo wish i could fast forward 6 months into the future... where i will have run into so many problems doing this stuff, that i would have become quite proficient with it.

i guess what im saying is i am totally in favor of a matrix like downloading process to learn stuff. of course we will have to restrict who can download what into their heads. we cant have any supermodels understanding quantum physics now can we?

quick and simple. that is the path of the dark side.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Oops i did it again late version of MLB

guesses for who these belong to?

am i making this too easy?

DaveT-rivia Contest!!!!

ok so long in the works. and not totally finished on my part... (still have to count a few things) but it's still doable. the rules are simple. make you best guess at an answer for each question. the person who ends up closest to the correct answer on all three wins! what is the prize you say? well, originally i was going to make it a case of rolling rock beer. then the logistics of possibly shipping it to california or colorado or england or wherever came into view. i'm not dealing with that. I don't bake/cook, at least not for the general public so thats out. and no i'm not giving away any of my collectibles. so what's left you ask?

cold hard cash.

thats right. i'm bribing you all. with a whopping.... $20.


anywho here are the questions....

1) How many traffic light controlled intersections do I pass thru each morning on the way to work? (yes only the morning commute. and yes i double checked the number)

2) How many star wars action figures currently are in my house? (no the electronic banks don't count, nor do the non-moveable unleashed sculpts i have)

3) How many dvds do I own? (each disk of a season series counts as 1, but burned movies, or blank dvds/dvdrs do not count.)

so there you have it. how do you submit your answers? well if you don't already have my yahoo address, i'll make sure its in my blogger profile. and make sure to have the title of the email something i'll recognize as not spam...

contest will run until feb 2nd.... yes groundhog day!

you have the right to ask questions, but i have the right to make fun of you.

what a garbage morning!

so i wake up and hear the rain. always lovely at 5am in pitch black hearing rain... just wanted to go back to bed for another 12 hours...

get ready open the door and whoa... it too damn warm outside for the winter coat... switch to the windbreaker and head off to work.

start noticing lots of trash bags all over lehigh ave ( a few blocks from my house) and think its wednesday right , trash day is thurs, err friday this week thanks to holiday...

get to germantown ave and see even more garbage all over the place, its like driving on an obstacle course. not to mention the wind is blowing the crap EVERYWHERE. i know i ran over somebody's insulation. and i heard the plastic tray for 6, 2 liter pepsi bottles bouncing around after one of my tires nudged it. finally when i get to bethlem pike the trash is gone. how pretty chestnut hill is in comparison to center city.

what a gawd awful ugly site the city was this morning.

well at least the street repair crew went thru and filled in most of the 2 ft deep potholes...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

coming soon! DaveT-rivia contest!

time to sharpen our wit, err i mean get real dumb and think like me. right now seems like i will follow the leader and use the 3 question format. and no it won't be price is right... closest without going over...

and yes there will be a prize!!!!!!!!!!!!

keep watching.

LOOK! shiny new feature! Tuesday T-ism!

as per guidance suggestion of one of my regular blog readers/posters... i have decided to spice stuff up a bit. ergo. the tuesday T-ism.

what the hell is a tuesday T-ism you ask?

well i'm glad you asked. here are a few examples:

What do you call it when Dave goes on a boat? Green-T
What do you call it when Dave crashes his car? T-Rex

(get it? a combination/separation of DaveT)

so today's is:

What does Dave say to his imaginary girlfriend Tara when he wants to get it on?

answer to be posted sometime tomorrow! check back to the post....
same T-time, same T-channel!

Friday, January 13, 2006

who wants to be a superhero?

has the reality tv craze gone too far?

i mean seriously i can see this show having some guy that jumps off a building to a splattery death trying to prove his superpowers...


beauty and the geek 2 was pretty funny. i only watched it because it was on directly after smallville. if it stays in that time slot i'll probably watch the whole series.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

very belated MLB... the new style?

guess who these legs belong to....

she got legs, she knows how to use them......

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

a mouse in the house... or more than one...

thanks to kate's post about a mouse burning down a house or not i decided to tell ya'll about my mouse woes.

Every once in a while i find "the evidence" a mouse has been in/around my kitchen. So for over a year now i have just been leaving mouse traps in the various likely spots, just in case a mouse or mice decide to visit. I haven't really kept a running otal of how many i have caught/kilt, but i'd say it's at least a dozen. I have no clue how they are getting into the house. The previous owners had that foam insulation stuff put around all the external walls and i thnk around all the pipes as well. about the only place they didnt was the pipes under the kitchen sink... but if they get in that way how the hell do they get out of the cabinet under the sink? mostly i find "the evdence" on top of the kitchen counter near the microwave, which happens to be near the wall that is built against the neighbors house. (townhouse/rowhouse whatever you want to call it, thats what i own)

ok so some of you are saying im heartless and cold for killing all these mice, but i dont know what kind of diseases they are carrying around, and i don't want them in my food/dinner.

it has got so bad i am seriously considering getting a cat so i dont have to keep buying traps. but then i think single guy living alone with a cat... how gay is that?

oh what horrible dilemmas i face... lol

Monday, January 09, 2006

flying spaghetti monster...

the lego church

the site that inspired it

superhero hype

an aquaman series?

more toys for dave and a confirmation of spiderman 4?

a wolverine spin-off movie (especially for stan)

the end of my growing dvd collection?

live action incredibles anyone?

indiana jones 4!

this sounds interesting. 2 movies of one battle. each from the view of one side

pirates beating superman?

star trek getting cheesy?

halo movie vs hellboy2?

and finally...

transformers live action starts filming this spring

more geekdom

ok so i can't claim this, nor even claim to be the one who found it (thanks jay), but that doesn't make it any less awesome.

i can't remember if it had "adult" ads on the surrounding page or not, so open at work with caution.

awesome shockwave

weekend recap

ok so i don't often post recaps of significant chunks of my life. i figure most would rather not hear about the mundane details of my insignificant "life." generally i try to give just the juicy details of exciting stuff, or i like to rant and rave and bitch about stuff.

today however, i feel a bit of keyboard diaherrea and lots of not so interesting details coming on.

friday was spent like most of my others, at home, alone, watching movies while playing my online game star wars galaxies. what did i watch? oh, yes... sunset boulevard, when it wasn't skipping... sometimes i think netflix uses me as a screening tool to weed out all the unplayable dvds they have. anyways, sunset boulevard, which would be considered foreign by stan since it was black and white, wasn't that bad when i could watch it. i totally had to skip a few scenes since the disk was skipping. i hate people that scratch up dvds! the basic story was a washed up older actress that lives alone, a young writer running from people he owed money to hides out at her place and she tries to get him to fix her script for her comeback movie. well she's kind of nuts, and thinks a little too much of herself, and when he finally figures this out and tries to break away, she ends up killing him. Not a bad movie, especially for something a little older, but i couldnt put in the top 15 movies of all time like AFI did.

this was followed up by chain reaction. with keanu "dude" reeves, rachel weisz, and morgan freeman. i think i had hoped for too much from this when i saw morgan freeman was in it, that is the only way i can figure it got added to my queue on netflix. it kept my attention, but the story just wasnt presented that great. or maybe its my hatred of matrix 2 and 3, that made me dislike keanu... who knows... anyways the idea that we could use water as a power source kind of makes me wonder... aren't we like contaminating water quickly? so how could we decide to use it as a power source if we keep destroying it?...

saturday was spent at stan the man's playing HALO on xbox and gorging on snacks/hoagies/fisher's kick ass chili. if you ever wanted to see what happens when you get 12 geeks together with 3 video game systems and 3 tv's... this would have been your golden opportunity. i tend to come away from these events a little frustrated, mainly because i don't have an xbox, or halo, and i tend to get schooled. being the competitive little bitch that i am, i'll say there was at least one person who should have got their ass handed to them, not in gamimg terms, but ahhh oh well, i can't be the best at everything..... tho i do keep dreaming.

sunday was a most glorius day. the steelers won. and won big. ok cincy fans shut up right now about palmer. kitna was a starter in the not too distant past and even had a playoff start with seattle if i remember right.. anyways the steelers owned the bengals in the second half and i don't think it would have mattered if palmer was playing or not. but thats easy to say as a monday morning QB.

sunday evening was a little boring as there was no night game on. i ended up watching men in black on hbo... twice. i at least watched something in between the viewings, but at the present i cant recall what it was...

so there you have it, a weekend in the life star wars crazed, steeler loving geek.

and you people wonder why i'm still single....

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

it was awesome and sucked at the same time...

so Penn State won the orange bowl...


but the damn game went into triple overtime and was on till 1am...


what time do you get up for work dave...

5:10am or so.

double ouch.

today is going to suck.

but at least i made it to work. which is more than i can say for stan i thinks... judging by his lack of reply to my in work email this mornin...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

i almost forgot

i know it's several days late.


rest in peace patrick.


and there goes the surprise...

so besides from being sick, and watching tv A LOT, what else did i do over my holiday break.

well i can tell you what i DIDN'T do... shave.

it got to the point where it wall all scratchy on my neck and then i had enough.... for the most part.

whether it's a good thing or not has yet to be debated or commented on... by anyone... no one at work has said anything yet,

but the goatee is back...

i kinda missed having the scruff. and now i feel more like a pirate.

ok so there's not really any work to do this morning...

first day back and it seems like we're all SLOWLYYYYYYYYYYYYY getting back to work. which is fine with me.

2 weeks off is a long time, i need a day or 2 to re-adjust to this whole idea of work.


i kind of have an idea, but it at least has to be ok'd by one other blogger...

the winner of the contest should thus hold their own contest!!!

wow! took you a lot of thinking to come up with that didnt it dave?

well, no, not really, but ummm *points to bright shiny oblect in the sky* LOOK!

so if it does end up working out, i'll have to come up with some weird off the wall questions about me since stan has a fairly obvious edge.

*scratches head* what isn't fairly off the wall about you already dave?

not much.

true that.

and why are you having so many anymous poster questions in your own posts today?

side effects of the cold medicine.... should wear off in a lifetime or so...

so what do ya think... a contest about dave? feasible? stupid? utterly non-utterable?

hmmm and what to do for a prize?

talk amongst yourselves. im so ver-klempt.

the no more xmas music edition...

so i'm starting to wonder... what will i listen to at 10am?

for the last 2 months i had reliable ole sunny 104.5 christmas carols to follow up preston and steve at 10am. but alas it's over.

do i keep grandpa pierre robert, the hippie, peace lovin, player of kina too old classic rock on wmmr?

or do i finally switch and give in to launchcast on yahoo?


such hard decisions i face.

its like deciding whether to push the big red button to nuke the world or not....

yay easy button!

And thus it ends....

Ok, so I've been absent from the helm of this here bloggy for a while now. But, with good reasons.

I typically tend to blog while at work. And, well, I haven't been at work since Dec 20th.

So, yea. I had some vacation.

What did you do with all that vaca Dave?

I'll tell you. I got sick. Not just little sniffle sneeze type sick. But full-on, not getting out of bed for 3 days, not eating ANYTHING for 2 days, somebody please put a fucking gun to my head and kill me already sick. My body hurt, my head felt like it belonged to someone/something else. I couldn't sleep soundly.

it just plain sucked.

Awwww, I fel bad for you dave, when did this happen.

I'll tell you. mother fucking christmas eve it started. and it kicked in full swing right after christmas dinner with non stop shivering from the chills. Anybody that knows me, knows i am NEVER cold.

so instead of coming back to philly and doing the housework that so desparately needs done last week. i was at home. with mommy. and i can't tell whether that is a good or a bad thing. the non-stop do you want this, do you need thats, kind of get annoying after a while. just leave me the hell alone here to die already.

anyways, i'm back at work. and mostly healthy again. and bitching as well as always.

happy fucking new years!