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Monday, April 24, 2006


i had a nice review written up for the movie HOSTEL. and then i lost conection to the server.

so now you get this.

A/A-. if you like horror see it! if horror movies make you sick to your stomach... avoid this one like the plague!

p.s. im never leaving the united states thanks to this movie

im not leaving ever now...

ok so what exactly does that mean?

it means im never leaving this country. screw the rest of the world and all its wonders/beauty. im staying right here where i at least feel disillusionally comfortable in my false sense of security.

where the hell did all this come from Dave?

somebody watched the movie Hostel this weekend. yeah. people are fucked up. i thought the movie was great. im not too squeamish and it made me cringe a few times... if you are at all the type that gets sick watching horror/scary movies i do NOT reccommend this movie for you. that being said i reccommend this to anyone who likes horro/scary movies. its frickin awesome. i dont know how to review it without ruining the movie so i'll just say even though i didnt know one person in the cast from anything else... and there are a bunch of czech/slovakian/european actors/actresses in the movie... it was really good! A/A-!

so the reason im not leaving the US.. some US college kids get kidnapped and tortured in this movie. and it happened way too easily. becuase of damn hot, and loose (hehe) european women.
thats all im saying so i dont spoil it for those who havent seen it.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

it's 4:20. so what the hell does it have to do with pot?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/420_%28cannabis_culture%29#Origin_theories here's what wikipedia told me. i guess never having toked up, unless you count second hand inhalation at concert's/parties, i don't get the whole 4:20 thing. but at least i have heard about it. several other people at work were like, what's 4:20?

anyone want to explain further?

or is it really just an excuse to get all smoked up every afternoon, and all day once a year?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

johnny depp weekend...

k, so i saw BLOW and ed wood, both for the first time this weekend a la netflix. i have to say it would not take much to convince me depp is a psycho, cross dressing, child molester in real life. take a little of ed wood, a little of willy wonka, and a little of his character from secret window and bam. total nutjob.

anyways i found ed wood to be pretty entertaining.

cut next scene. but ed, he walked into the door. well it's real life he would always struggle getting through that door.

cut, next scene. but ed, he knocked over that tombstone. anyone can tell this graveyard is fake.
the audience doesnt care about little details like that. do you have any idea about film-making??

did you see that kid grab vampira's boobies?

nice! altho stan will never see it since it falls into his "foreign" film qualification being black and white. i'd give it a b/b+. the little details at the end almost made me want to check out some of the stuff ed wood actually did....

as for BLOW, well it didn't really. i'm not into the whole drug/weed scene, but it seemed to be presented realistically... stealing planes, having stewardesses haul your stuff across country all seemed plausible to me... at least for the 60's/70's. backstabbing, killing, and jail time. only thing missing was a naked or semi naked penelope. hahah. b-/b

Monday, April 17, 2006

he wet his pants...

i try not to involve work too much with the blog, but i have decided this material is too priceless not to relay...

so last thursday i am running a test on a sample of one of our products, and its obviously not working properly (i later find out it never works right this way and always requires a second test, why we just dont go straight to the second test is a discussion for another day). Anyways, i go to ask my team leader to come see whats going on, so he doesn't think im retarded later on when he sees the results. the other team leaders in the office are like, uh yea, he left for the day. i give the puzzled "huh" look, and they say he uhh gots his pants wet and went home. i explain whats going on to them and thats where i find out it always fails with this method... anyways i go back to where i was testing and the people in that room ask where my team lead is. my reply... "he wet his pants and went home." everyone starts laughing. he wet his pants they ask. yep thats all the info i got from the other team leaders. ok a lil more info on my team leader he's around 52-55 years old and from what he keeps telling everyone, he doesnt care if he gets in trouble or not. he's really easy going, and jokes around a lot. i think he's actually one of the better team leaders to have to deal with, he has the most experience in the field, and has a good, laid back attitude.

when i get the story of what actually happened it makes my comment even better. apparently another analyst in my group got my team lead all pissed off, and he was flustered and had set his cup of coffee on the desk near the phone. when this other analyst called him he was still all pissed at her and ripped the phone up knocking the coffee all over himself. he started swearing up a storm and then decided to go home and "look at porn" for the rest of the day.

priceless. apparently someone else heard my explanation of him wetting his pants and it made it back to the manager of our group. he came over and congratulated me for my excellent description of the situation. he apparently mae a comment about some depends to my team lead as well.

its good to be the king.

happy birthday!

if today is your birthday, you share it with...

mainerd from tool

ian mcdiarmid (emperor palpy from star wars, among other movie roles)

and last, but certainly not least...


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

time go sleepy?

i'm awfully tired for some reason today. can't figure out exactly why. i was actually in bed before 11pm last night which is an hour earlier than usual for a weekday. yea so i normally only get 5 hours of sleep on weeknights. i make up for it on weekends...

anywho, i thinks i'm going to chill out at my desk for a while, so don't go telling anyone...