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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

hallow weenie

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

it has arrived.

well i share the day with...

jean claudde van damme
mike ditka
martina navritilova
the actress who played joanie from happy days
the actress who played mary-anne on gilligan's island
and chuck berry

among any others i may have missed...

Monday, October 16, 2006

day of death?

so yea. it got here a lot quicker than i expected.

i'm turning god damned 30 on wednesday. i think, if i remember correctly, i wasn't born until like 11:57pm, so it's almost the 19th. but ah well... i was 4 days late anyways.

fuck me!

30 years wasted already. people kep telling me how much good stuff i should look at, but honestly who ever remembers the good stuff?

you remember the bill buckners that lost the world series or the time the kid fell off the couch or down the stairs. or the time the lion bit you in the ass. or the time the giraffe pooped on you...

ok so none of that happened to me. but there are just certain times when you look back and think of what your plans for yourself/life were and see how far off the track you are... it just sucks when that happens...

i suppose i'll get over it in a few days, until then i will most likely just shop myself into happiness... yea i ordered some new wheels for winter tires for sally. bought my halloween costume. and im looking at getting a new exhaust and the racing stripes for sally...

ahhh such is life...

HDTV reviews...

so i finally got some HD cable for my widescreen hd tv via directv. i have to say for the most part i am throughly impressed so far. now my experience is kind of limited. i have seen the nfl games on cbs, fox, nbc, espn. a couple movies on showtime and hbo, and smallville on the cw. and maybe a handful of other shows on the major networks 6 degrees, etc...

for football, nbc hd sucks! the picture gets all grainy often. and then it almost appears as if the game is in slow motion and then gets fast forwarded to the present. i just don't like it. and its the only option for the sunday night game!!!

maybe if enough people bitch they will go get new cameras for the game... i doubt it but oh well.

regardless, its still awesome to see the reflections of stuff on the players helmets since the clarity is spectacular.

i'm still waiting to see the first booger hanging out of some guys nose though...

kitchen update

so i painted the primer coat on sat evening. and the final color on sunday afternoon. still not completely finished... but getting closer...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

gay or not? that is the question

so what is the general opinion of a single guy that has a cat or 2?

is he weird? aren't guys supposed to have dogs? should a guy have male or female cats? should he get kittens and bring them up, or an old fart that can take care of itself? house cat or house/outdoor cat in the city?

i figure i'm not home enough to have a dog. i leave the house at 6:15am and some days i am home by 4:30pm, but most times not. somedays i don't get back till as late as 10pm...

is that even enough time for a cat?

i figure at least this way i won't be lying when i say there is a pussy at home waiting for me.....

Monday, October 09, 2006

props to chelley


david= rumblefire
david keith=rumblecrusher
last name=steamstrike

so ya'll can call me

rumblecrusher steamstrike

post #223

just in case you were wondering how many times i posted since the start of this blog last year. thats about an average of 4.25 posts per week...

i'll have to make up the last 2 weeks during the next 2 weeks...

hmmm wonder what i can post about.

nothing going on with me.

certainly no life alerting celebrations coming up...

who's dead?

not me. ok. so i didn't post for 2 whole weeks.



anyways i was busy gettin the kitchen redone. oh yeah and during the day i had to take care of that stuff... what's it called. i used to do it very often about a year ago.

oh yeah.


don't do much of that anymore. well at least not as much as i used to. not like i can help it. i do what the boss tells me, how he tells me. i know i could do more, and work more efficiently, but why bust my ass when it seems like no one else is. well except for those unlucky souls that got pigeon-holed into do the one test that no one else is trusted to do... you know who you are

right now i'm watching the new lady walk around aimlessly. apparently she can't handle the sitting and waiting for training.... like i did for over a month. foreigners. hehe.


the kitchen is almost finished. yay! need to pick a paint color and do some trim work.

sally looks real pretty today as i spent like 2 and a half hours washing/cleaning/waxing her yesterday.

i get to play with my ball tonight.

god! you idiot.

remember im a bowler.

also im not named lance armstrong or john kruk. so i play with both of my balls.

hey you gotta check the boys for lumps. i don't want to lose them.

i don't want to have to run around screaming.. "i've lost my marbles! i've lost my marbles!"

ok thats enough of an update for now. can't blow my load of humor all in one big come-back. hmmm that was an ass-load of a sentence.

wonder if the powers that be chech what i type here for "inappropriateness"????????