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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

you moron!

eddie griffin wrecks!

Monday, March 19, 2007

more movie reviews...

Casino Royale...

frickin awesome. of course i love james bond movies. this one might be my fave. good story, good action sequences. nice plot twists. etc. goldeneye was awesome and i had always thought nobody could do bond better than connery, but i dunno. we'll have to see how many bond flics daniel craig does... A+

anger management..

yeah i had seen it a while ago, but it was cheap at target so i bought it. i feel prettttty oh soooo pretttty... hahhahahaah. i always like sandler and jack so i loved this one too. marisa tomei is starting to look a tad bit too old for me :-( lol. A-

Friday, March 16, 2007

let me save you some time...

so far, as much as i can remember i have only seen 2 uli lohmmel (sp?) movies... both are in the "horro" category... his version of black dahlia and last nite i watched zombie nation.

i think either could be used as torture. generally it doent take a whole lot for me to enjoy a movie... the best thing about the 2 of these combined is the scene where 2 of the zombie girls are talking to some guy, and he thinks they are hookers, so he whips it out, and then the one girl rips off his johnson. yep there you go. don't waste your time.

i could be wrong but i doubt i have seen any of his other movies, unless thse are the "early days" and he got noticeably better...

happy drunken irish day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

aye aye cap'n

sound is quiet so you need to turn your speakers up all the way to enjoy this one... tribute to cap

Monday, March 12, 2007

Movie reviews...

so i burned some free passes and some cash this weekend. what can i say, i'm not a basketball fan...

Reno 911:Miami
if you like the show you'll like the movie... all the same type of gags, just on a bigger scale. also has some celebrity cameos that i enjoyed. I laughed a lot and it was like an hour and a half ford mustang commercial, which i have no problem with. i did cringe EVERY time they crashed one though... i don't know that you really could have expected more from a reno 911 movie... A-

so i have never read one of the ghostrider comics, and know nothing about the character really... that said aside from one plot inconsistency that i saw, it was pretty good. lots of pretty special effects. an easy to follow plot, and a decent ending. is it a spiderman? no. but its at least worth a rental. that said i like nic cage so if you dont, then you probably wont like this. B+

i was a little leery after seeing some commercials, because i thought it was going to get tooo comic booky... examples are that lady all dancing around in the ads, and the monster looking guys... however they pulled it off without a hitch. i really enjoyed it. i don't think it was very gruesome at all. i mean sure theres plenty of killing and war but it wasnt like a "saw" movie where i sometimes have to go ewwwwwwwwww.
i personally love these types of movies so i may be a little slighted in my opinion... A

overall criticisms... so i saw reno and the rider back to back. i got hungry and thirsty in between... $5.50 each for a large soda and a small popcorn? dear god, no wonder the industry is hurting... maybe thats why i tend to go by myself so i can avoid that stuff... 300 was brand new so no passes for it. $9.75 for a 4pm showing? are you nuts!? matinee prices used to be until 5 or 6pm. if that was a matinee price i'll never go see another unless i have a free pass and the flic is 12 days old to use the pass.... maybe it was just that theater... i dunno, but setup at home is pretty sweet and each time i go and the fuckheads keep looking at their bright glowy phones or talking on them, or they sit there and talk thru the movie pushes me further and further towards just buying dvds.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

comic report

Friday, March 09, 2007

my complete profile

so i clicked my name from stans blog to lazily get to mine and noticed that my profile says i am 250 years old.

now i can't remember if i put that in there as joke a long time ago or if something got really messed up or if i am really 250 and look pretty good for my age while forgetting everything but the past 26 or so years....

farts are funny

girls do it too!

somebody thought this was super?

dumb cat

Thursday, March 08, 2007

i need this!

for my lazy ass

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

it's old but still funny


i have too much free time...

so i get home last night and have my 3 netflix rentals in the mailbox. I usually try to get thru them as fast as i can and get them back to get more... so... yea i watched all 3 last night...

little miss sunshine... kind of boring up until the last 15-20 minutes where it got pretty funny... at least to me. there were sporadic laughs earlier, but the ending was the best if you can make it that far. i think my appreciation of greg kinnear and steve carrell is all that kept me going through some of it. b-/c+

the protector... so maybe it was great for martial arts fans, or elephant lovers, but i didnt think it was that great. sure crazy martial arts moves/stuntsare always cool, but it just seemed so played out to me. and there could have been more to the story, maybe less subtitles,, etc, etc, etc... C-

flyboys... it was LONG. almost 2 and a half hours. i think it could have been cut down a bit. the actual flying/dogfight stuff was great, the story was decent, but once again it almost seemed like a remake of other movies... pearl harbor...
it did make me want to go flying again though... C

Friday, March 02, 2007

I'M FLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!

well at least i was yesterday. so i can no longer say I have never flown in a plane. my boss took me up in his airplane. now before you get any crazy ideas... it was a fairly small plane.. i mean our shoulders were practically touching sitting in the front seats. he also said he couldn't take more than 3 people total up ever, even though there were 5 seats. anyways it was pretty cool to fly over the area.

we flew over a couple of my coworkers homes, or at least what we thought were their homes... in various places from ft washington to doylestown and over to spring mount.

yep i'm purty sure i was over your house stan.

all in all we were up for about an hour and a half. and i got to take the stick and do some turns and up and down stuff for about 10 minutes, before my nerves gave out and it got a little bumpy...

i want to be superman more than ever now...

baseball cards

someone let this slip??