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Saturday, December 30, 2006

how rewarding...

what do you take joy from? i know for some people who shall remain nameless, they really enjoy cleaning the house...

for others its "head shot"-ing some little punk in an online video game...

while i can enjoy video games... what gives me real enjoyment is knowing that something i did will be noticed and commented on...

say spending 2 hours to wash and wax your beautiful 6 month old car a few days after winter has officially started...

and while it will probably rain before anyone reading here gets to see it completely spotless.. i got several comments and looks from neighbors and people looking down the street before i was even done.

now if i could just put some of that motivation into cleaning the house...

nah fuck it. i'm going to play the wii.

its still funny


so i heard wrong...

docta jones! docta jones!

indiana jones 4 will happen

Friday, December 29, 2006


so when i got back from x-mas at the parents, i saw a little mousy climbing up my stairs... what it wants in my bedroom or bathroom i have no idea... maybe just because its warmer up here...

regardless. i thought we had filled in all the holes in the kitchen floor where i thought the mice were sneaking in when i had the new cabinets put in.

so today i got some of this genius stuff.... foam in a can. i think generally it is to fill in cracks and crevices to keep cold air out. well it will fill in the remaining 2 holes that are at the ends of the cabinets, between the cabinets and the walls. and when it is coming out of the can it makes the phooooshhh sound. i guess it might be what moose or some hair product sounds like, but aside from shampoo the only hair product i use is my hand as a brush...

if get any more mice in, i suppose the only other real alternative to hoping the snap traps get them is to get a cat or 2.

but i bet the cats don't make any cool phhhhoooooooooosssssshhhhhhhhhhhh sound.

i stink

after waiting an hour and a half, (told i needed to wait 45 minutes) to get my haircut. i know smell like some damned fool giant candy cane. while the chick did a decent job with the haircut. i think she used some peppermint conditioner and now i smell. maybe the mice while come try to eat my hair while i sleep tonight. i keep telling myself i need to find a new place to get my haircut, but i'm too lazy and hair cuttery is usually too convenient.

i guess i could be bald.....

oohhh low blow.

happy new years!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006


i picked mine up last night. it was damn hard to get. had to have some insider connections to get one so close to christmas.

damn it's fun. i didnt get it setup until about 9pm last night and i played stuff nonstop till 130am.

its comes with the Wii sports games... tennis, baseball (both of which i suck at) boxing, golf (not too bad at those), and bowling (decent at this)

and i bought need for speed carbon (car racing game) the controls are real tough for this. i might need to get a steering wheel control. haha

and i got madden 2007. i just did the intro stuff. but it was awesome.

now we all have to hope that somebody doesn't throw the control thru my screen!!!!!!!!!!

like this

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

don't do it!

check it out yo

more than meets the eye

Saturday, December 16, 2006

you're pitiful

somehow i just found out about this...

weird al cock-blocked

don't forget to click on the link and listen to the song....

Monday, December 11, 2006

black and blue

i hurt.

i'm sore.

i feel old.

yea so dry wall is a lot heavier now than i remember back when i worked at lowe's during college. i only needed a dozen sheets. but god was i exhausted after loading them onto the cart at depot. loading them into the rented truck. unloading them off the truck and carrying them into my alley. lifting them onto the kitchen roof. (spiral staircases are not dry wall friendly....) and then finally carrying them into the house. i started at 9am renting the truck. i finally got the dry wall into the house a little after noon. and then i did nothing. i was beat.

i suppose i should feel like i at least got something done.... but i just feel like a slacker.

i'll get back to lifting my test tubes now.


my christmas wish list

i don't have these. but i still need them! haha!

bad gifts?

Monday, December 04, 2006

don't trust the russians

so in my lame ass attempts to find meself a woman, i have come across a scam probably not many of you are aware of...

i'm not certain if it is actually the women themselves or guys posing as women... regardless they get in contact with you through dating sites. the stories can vary. but generally they email you for a few weeks and give you a lot of details about themselves, and ask you details about yourself. i'm not stupid enough to give out very explicit details, but i think if someone wanted to dig up stuff about me it wouldn't be that hard (schools, and past addresses aren't too hard to dig up on the net for most people)... anyways, at some point the women start expressing how much they love you, and that the russian men are all drunk and abusive and whatnot... and then comes the scam. they ask you to send them $XXX amount of money so they can either a) buy a visa to come visit you, b) pay for internet cafe fees, or c) pay for their plane ticket to come visit you. (by the way a visa to visit a friend in america usually can only be issued after you meet the person in their country first)... i can say that at least 3 times someone has tried to get me to fall for it. i kind of found i humorous after the first time, so now i just go along with it and waste as much of their time as i can. gives me something to do with the downtime at work... plus they usually use pictures of hot chicks so at least i get a new one in the mail every day or so... it's almost like free porn. i havent been able to get any naked pictures yet though. drat.

anyways, just thought i'd pass along the newest way that people are trying to take advantage of us dopey single men.

p.s. there is also a scam that someone actually from the US is visiting africa to get cheap fabrics and then gets their purse stolen and they ask for cash to get back to meet you as well...

thank god i am such a skeptic.