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Thursday, February 23, 2006

not sure if it works...

but i was talking to stan and jay about the possibility of paul bettany playing the joker in the next batman movie and mentioned this clip i saw a while back. it won't seem to play here at work, so i can't guarantee it works at all...


Wednesday, February 22, 2006


what type of animal has dave been debating about whether or not he should own?

what level of education does dave hope any children he might have reach?

after leaving U-high village, what opposite destination come next on dave's travel schedule? (another of the bad pun ones)

im a slacker...

so you all spent your long weekend doing exciting stuff, galavanting about to and fro.

i left work, went home, and didnt leave until i left for work tuesday morning.

oh wait i did put one foot outside to grab the mail saturday.

and since i live alone, and didnt get any calls on my cell all weekend... i did not speak one word to another living soul for 3 days.

ok i typed/chatted in game online with some star wars people so i guess i cant say i was totally cut off from the living world. but i was as close as you can get.

am i proud of it? no not really, just happened to work out that way.
am i embarressed by it? nope. most people suck anyways.

what does suck is that when i tell people what i did all weekend they get an uneasy feeling like they should have done something for me... and i get the feeling that i creep them out a bit..

oh well

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

chuck norris

Taken from the Chuck Norris Bible:
Chuck Norris, Vin Diesel and Arnold Schwarzenegger have all died and are in Heaven. Each of them hope to occupy the seat next to God. God asks Vin Diesel why he thinks he should have the seat and Vin replies, "I believe... I should have the seat because of the virtuosity in my toughness and pride." Arnie says, "I believe... that I should be the one sitting next to you because of all my achievements." God then turns to Chuck Norris, who replies with, "I believe... you are sitting in my seat."

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


If dave went back in time 11 years how old would he be?

how old was dave in december 1995?

and for the obligatory bad one made up of a phrase that is actually one word...

what do you find in dave's bathroom?

TLB (tuesday leg blog since im late again...)

guess away...
what's up doc?

Thursday, February 09, 2006


what weather condition does Dave hate during the summer?

what is the best way to describe that weird growth on Dave's body?

when Dave preforms a service what does he give you?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

video killed the radio star?

and DaveT killed the blogging crew?

wassup people? seems like the bloggy posts have not just declined, but almost completely stopped. larakin has an excuse, he should still be drinking from last monday...

are the rest of us too busy? have nothing to write/bitch/ponder about?

or are ya'll looking to me for inspiration. *shudders at the thought*

anywho, *tear* i miss youns guys.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

200 bills to ....

thats right i'll give 200 bills* to the person that gets the 100th comment on this post.

don't wait act now before supplies run out!

limited time offer, certain restrictions and sales tax may apply.

quantities subject to availability.

PA residents must pay all applicable sales tax.

offer not good in HI or AK.

*200 bills may include electric, phone, water, gas, mortgage, cell, cable, etc.

Monday, February 06, 2006


guess who???????????????

Saturday, February 04, 2006


official contest entries have been calculated. numbers have been tabulated. a highly complex algorithm was worked out (not really). just so you know you did have a 1 in 5 chance of winning... yes im so popular i got 5 whole entries.

how many traffic light controlled intersections do i cross on the way to work?


how many star wars action figures do i have in my house?


how many dvd's do i own?


and the closest answers were 1) 65, 2) 150, AND 3) 500

which makes the winner..... even though i tried my best to make it not work in his favor.....

Stan the man!



Friday, February 03, 2006

friday T-isms?

submitted by someone who wanted to be left anyonymous...

What do prostitutes and "affectionate" dogs do to Dave?

What do the guys at work call Dave when he's pimpin'?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

T-isms time

if Dave was a non practicing jew, where would he not go?

what is Dave's favorite choice word to refer to spoiled little children?

what is Dave's favorite animal to see at the zoo? (you guys are going to groan at my answer here)

MORE winter???!!! damn groundhog!

The world’s most famous weather prognosticating groundhog was roused from his burrow at 7:23 a.m. Thursday and saw his shadow, a sign that there’ll be six more weeks of winter.And though the crowds booed, hundreds were rowdy anyway, dressed in black and gold and swirling Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towels in the air in anticipation of Sunday’s Super Bowl.Phil even got in on the Steelers frenzy, with his handlers draping a Terrible Towel over him as he emerged. Earlier, members of the groudhog’s famed Inner Circle threw the trademark towels at the crowds as they sang “Here we go Steelers.”

dirty rat

Last day for contest entries!


*looks across the way @ holz*

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

manna manna remixed!


click the link here... only way i can get it to work...

bathroom etiquette? weak stomachs beware!

i don't know how ya'll feel about discussing the subject of what goes on in the bathroom. but i have NO problem going into verbose details.

anywho. i walk into the "shitter" at work this morning and walk past a stall that has what me and a few friends refer to as "the nest" (aka someone who doesnt like the sanitary ass gasket thingys from the dispenser on the wall but still doesnt want their ass to touch the toilet seat so they take MANY squares of ass-wipe and cover the toilet seat) with a bit further glance... i notice the nice big floater there as well. Now as comfortable as i am discussing the subject, i have absolutely NO desire to clean up someone's else left-over bathroom mess. ESPECIALLY in a public work restroom!

in case your wondering, i don't personally think the ass gaskets or nests will protect from any real disease so i never bother with em. i'm sure you're thankful for the information AND the visual!

anyways, i stop off to drain the vein later before lunch and the mess has been cleaned up. i don't know if we have janitors that come by during the day and clean up the restrooms, or if some brave soul walked in and "took care of business"?

or possibly the "nester" resturned for a follow-up visit?

i dunno.

well, just thought i'd live up to my reputation of lots of toilet humor...

and well i guess this flushes all hopes of ever losing it....

da dum ching!

feel free to run to your nearest public restroom and blow chunks!