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Saturday, October 29, 2005


ok im really beat today. i dunno whether it is the fact that I didn't really do anything all week, the stress of starting a new job, or maybe im coming down with a cold, whatever it is I don't feel like doing anything. maybe the extra hour of sleep tonight will do me good...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

3 days and counting..

So after three days of so-called "training," I have finished reading the SOP's and completed all the computer programs and quizzes. So until they decide to train me in the actual lab methods... i'll be earning pay for sitting there. One of the other "newbies" noticed today that some of the hallway lights only come on when u walk thru that hallway... so they wont pay 12 cents for lighting a hallway for 15 minutes, but the will pay me to sit on my ass? ok. btw, 2 people who started last week still ahvent been trained in all the lab methods yet... and they are interviewing more people to hire 3 more techs tomorrow. can i at least stop worrying about job security?

Monday, October 24, 2005

first day at new job...

So i started work at a pharmaceutical co. today and I was shocked by the proceedings. I guess with all the new hires (expansion) they are back-logged with getting new people trained... but i basically sat around for 6 hours, read/signed stuff for an hour and a half and pushed some sample carts around for half an hour... kind of felt like a wasted day... then they tell me only 3 weeks until i actually get to do lab work.. and we wonder why drugs cost so much.

On the plus side all the people seemed nice and like they will help with any troubles I might encounter. And there is WAY more eye candy here than the last job.... hehe

Saturday, October 22, 2005

so its been over a year..

and this is my first post on here. yay!

went to a clix tournie with stan today and kicked his ass. well, he made a theme team that was NOT designed to win... just be funny to play, so i guess it doesnt really count. we both got seved a heaping helping of humble pie by the only other tournament player there. the basic point of the game... use your figures to Knock out the oppostions' figures. you attack his and for each bit of damage you do, the owner "Clix" the dial of health on the figures base. anyways, this other guy killed ALL of mine and stan's clix figures, and we killed NONE of his. but it was a good learning experience... i learned not to go play in tournaments!

anyways welcome to my diarrhea of the keyboard. enjoy!