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Thursday, November 30, 2006

i looked it up

don't cross in the middle!

don't be an asshat!

here comes another typical rant.

so im driving home last night and about to make a left turn at the end of a yellow light... since traffic sucks running yellow lights/reds is almost a necessity to get thru the city...

anywho all of a sudden i here someone yelling whoa whoa whoa!
i slam on the brakes and some homeless looking old black guy riding his bicycle almost crashes into the drivers side of my car.... so he's riding his bicycle down the middle of the road... on a street theat is just wide enough for 2 cars... and he's running the yellow light expecting to be faster than a mustang... i mean i am in the middle of the intersection hanging over as far as i can so people can get past me on the right... there is NO FUCKING WAY he did not see... and yet he thinks he is going to go faster than me????? on a GOD DAMNED FUCKING SCHWIN!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

fucking christ people.... learn that your body WILL NOT STOP a MOVING CAR!
don't look at me when you start to cross the road and look to see that im driving right at you because you are taking 30 seconds to walk across two lanes of traffic. i have every god given right to fuck you up hardcore with the front end of my car if you retardly stroll in front of me when i have a green light or clear lane of travel.

learn to fucking cross the streets at crosswalks at the proper times! DO NOT FUCKING try to go directly in front of traffic when there is a green light.

i wish cops would give tickets for jay-walking.... it is still ILLEGAL!

i remember stan had a video up for "don't cross in the middle, in the middle, in the middle"... everyone should watch it and pay attention.

i also think it would be awesome if someone got crushed by some big fucking truck and they put it on the news and everyone saw it. then maybe people with their heads so far up their asses might be able to see the light...


Friday, November 10, 2006


doing actual work on fridays is highly overrated! work is to be done on tuesdays wednesdays and thursdays!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

just one of them days

don't take it personal.

ok so now that the crappy song is running thru ur head. yea yesterday sucked. seemed liked everything i did yesterday at work was destined to go wrong. it finally all came together at the end of the day... 10 hours after i got started.

and then it was all magically transformed into a chemically induced euphoria via some McDonalds. You got to love the instant fat induced happiness of fast food!

those who know me, know its pretty rare for me to be disgruntled and upset, so everyone was like whats wrong, all day yesterday... i mean i have my days where im off, but usually i can hide it from my facial expressions, when i get "one of those days" people obviously know it...

whats the point of telling you all this?
i have no fucking clue.

i love foreigners

well not really. but sometimes they are funny. or making fun of them is good stuff. whatever.
this played real choppy on cable modem so i don't know how it will work elsewhere. its about 21 minutes long worth of the show...